Thursday, 14 March 2013

10 things: Childhood

1. My teddy of Bert from Sesame Street that I loved.

2. I was born 3 months early but developed language and motor skills faster than the majority of my class mates.

3. Having a baby brother was always fun, till he bit me in the bath.

4. My childminder, Sue, who I went to till I was 11 was a huge part of my life. She's basically my second mum.

5. Reading we're going on a bear hunt, over and over again.

6. Charlie and I making 'bonfires' of all our clothes and mud pies in the garden.

7. Easter egg hunts with my cousins.

8. Going to see S Club 7 with my Aunt at Wembley Arena

9. Rollerblading and eating pancakes in America

10. Holidays to Sennen Cove, Cornwall.

What are your favourite childhood memories?


  1. Seems like you're a baby genius :) Thanks for the love on my blog. Perhaps we can follow each other!

    1. Definitely! Your blog is beautiful x