Saturday, 2 March 2013

love it or hate it?

Strange post on marmite (or the student equivalent, yeast extract) here. 

I was reading one of my recent favourite blogs, ciderwithrosiebee , and she mentioned in her '10 things that made me happy this week' post that she had eaten marmite spaghetti. I was curious and being a marmite lover (i can't fight it) I decided to delve into the world of cooking with marmite.
Like Rosie, I decided to cook marmite and spaghetti but add a few fried onions and some strips of chicken. 
I honestly had no idea how much marmite to put in, it was a bit of a guessing game and so for one portion i put just over a teaspoon into the pasta and heated it gently. I would say it was a nice flavour but maybe a little less marmite next time would be perfect. 

marmite chicken with fried mushrooms and spaghetti
It's definitely something i'll try again and as a student meal it's quick, cheap and very very easy.

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