Saturday, 16 March 2013

our new house

We're currently going through the process of buying a house and my parents came up from London today to measure up the rooms. It's making me oh so excited to move in and make the house our own, painting and decorating it etc. 
I've been looking at things to buy online and in shops around Manchester and here are a few things I have found;

1. kettle 2. rose jars 3. cake tins
4. measuring spoons 5. utensils 6. oven glove

1. wash bin 2. fairy lights 3. throw
4. note board 5. bedding 6. lamp shade
1. throw 2. candles 3. dvd storage
4. love seat 5. cushion 6. poster
These are just a few ideas but I am so so excited to move in with my best friends and have our own house for the next (at least) 2 years.


  1. Love the fairy lights ever so pretty great wishlist :D x

  2. lovely pieces, i guess it's so excited to shop for your own house;)x
    like that number 4 a lot, nice idea behind too;)