Sunday, 3 March 2013

nailed it.

I just want to start by saying - I AM NOT A NAIL EXPERT 
I love doing my nails, I just find it so ridiculously therapeutic. I love looking on websites and blogs for new ideas and when i'm chilling in the evenings after Uni I just sit there and do my nails - pretty sure I am drugged up from all the bad things in nail polish/remover.
I found this idea on Pintrest (can't find the link at the moment but when I do i'll hopefully put it on here) and all you need it 
- white nail polish
- coloured nail polish
- plastic bag

The first thing you do it paint your nails with the white polish and let it dry completely. 
Once dry, add the different colours on each nail in little splodges - it doesn't matter how messy it is, in fact sometimes the messier the better. 

Then quickly push a small square of plastic bag on top of the wet varnish and then pull off gently. 
This is the end result you get but I personally like to add a bit of matte top coat over the top to give it a cool floral effect. 

Got any more nail ideas? Would love to hear them!

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