Friday, 1 March 2013

welcome to march

Oh dear, January and February seem to have slipped by a little too fast. Last week I turned 20 years old (how scary is that?!?) and my oldest friend in the entire world, Charlie who was featured in my gap year post, sent me a card which at the bottom read;

'This is probably the decade that you will get married and have kids - if anyone will have you'

My first thought was she's a massive bitch (but I love her) but my second was holy shit, I need to grow up. At uni I seem to spend half my time in lectures and half my time in bed, a typical student thing to do i'm sure, but now I am panicking. I'm not bothered enough to panic about not having a boyfriend and being alone forever (yet) but I am panicking about the future. I have so much work due in for the next three weeks, I have 5 exams and another placement after Easter, I don't have any money, I need a job, I have no time for a job... the list goes on.

However, I did do something incredibly grown up and scary this week. I signed for a student mortgage. 
Yup, I am getting a house. A real, brick house. In my name (well the banks until I pay them back). Shit. This has been the plan for a long time and my parents have always talked about it. As my brother is in University in Chichester it would be too expensive for him to buy a house down there, so we looked around in Manchester and we found a perfect one in the heart of Fallowfield (student central). I'll be living with my two favourite people, Amelia and Becca who I live with at the moment and they'll be paying me rent so I can gradually pay off the mortgage. 
I've had some very mixed reviews about this idea and at first, I wasn't sure I wanted to be 20 with a mortgage and a whole lot of debt. However, Dad and I calculated the numbers and, fingers crossed, it should work. I can't wait to move into the house over the Summer and decorate it and make it look all pretty... just means spending more money. 

So March for me means growing up and knuckling down... and it's only day 1!

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