Thursday, 7 March 2013

we're not on a diet, we're on a health kick.

I have tried countless times to lose weight since being at uni but the motivation has never really been there. I haven't put on the 'freshman 10' that everyone talks about, i've stayed a pretty similar weight to when i've arrived but I have never been happy with that that weight anyway. 
On saturday, after eating our body weight in Chocolate, my flatmate Becca and I decided to go on a health kick. I'm choosing not to call it a diet as my psychology teacher at school once said 
'you shouldn't call it a diet 'till you're at least 35' 
and to be honest she's right. I went through a very scary period of my life where I dieted constantly and got down to a very low weight, but I still wan't happy. In the end my parents sat me down and told me it needed to stop. Since then I have tried healthy eating but never really stuck to is, there was always too much temptation, especially when I started earning money and could buy my own food. 
When I started drinking alcohol there was also a slight affect, which occurs at Uni too. You drink in excess on a night out, you get home and want food or take away and then the next day you're feeling hungover and ill and all you want is mcdonalds. 
When I was travelling in SE Asia I thought I would lose weight and eat really healthy but even though I was eating a lot of Asian food and not snacking/eating much junk, I still put on weight (again, probably down to the alcohol and 7/11 toasties).
(l-r) kelly osbourne, lauren conrad, ashley tisdale
My body shape is a very boyish figure at the moment but i know that when i tone up my waist it can be quite hourglass. I think my number 1 inspiration right now (it changes everyday) is Lauren Conrad, but I know that I can't get the same shape as a celebrity. They have personal trainers and diet plans. I have no money. 
I've been eating healthily for 5 days now. It's not a long time, I know, but I haven't wanted anything bad at all. I bought some chocolate on Sunday evening but it's still in the fridge. I haven't been tempted by the canteen at Uni. \I've been drinking three cups of green tea a day and I have been exercising in my room and at the gym daily. It helps that I have Becca to do it with me, I would be rubbish on my own and cave in when the girls are eating something that looks nice!
It's hard at uni, but a little self control goes a long way.  

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  1. Great post,girl;)x
    and definitely agree-Lauren Conrad figure is just perfect one. A little bit of work and we all can have the same one, right?:)X
    would love if you check my blocg,

    Greta xxx