Sunday, 17 March 2013

10 things #2

10 things that have made me happy this week;

1. Rebecca (she blog-raped me and put this in) Amelia has also made me happy.
2. Seeing my mum and dad yesterday, they drove all the way to Manchester (8 hour round trip) for only an hour - thanks for the food and toilet roll, mum! 
3. Baking. I made triple chocolate cookies based around Anna's recipe. click here.
4. Handing in another two assignments, only one more to go and an exam and then it's back home for Easter!
5. Seeing the house again, it's just made me what it so much more - fingers and toes crossed!
6. Playing with play mobile in lectures. We had too much fun, especially Maddy.

cookie dough * they were gone pretty quickly * child study was finally over * a 23 year old playing with kids toys
7. Reading lots of blogs and getting a lot of ideas for posts in the future. 
8. Curry with Amelia's parents - so nice to see them and have hilarious conversations.
9. Snap chat. I am getting way too much amusement out of an app. 
10. Booking out flights for skiing at Christmas. 


  1. such a cute blog! lovely

  2. haha I recognise those man met cover sheets! Had a mountain of work this past few weeks too eeeek!xx

    1. Haha yes! Only one more assignment and then i'm finished till April 19th! Lovely blog, followed on bloglovin x