Sunday, 21 April 2013

save or spend #1

So this week is the first of a new feature on my blog - SAVE OR SPEND - where I see how much I have spent over the week in a bid to save money for the summer. 

Monday: £5.90 on travel and then £6.05 on groceries, necessities after not being in my flat for 3 weeks. We're trying to be healthy and instead of buying fruit and veg from Sainsbury's or Tesco, Amelia and I went a shop next to our flat which has fresh fruit and veg outside for reasonable prices - 2 grapefruits for 99p anyone?
Total - £11.95

Tuesday: NOTHING wooo, managed not to spend anything which when living next to Tesco, Superdrug and an amazing worldwide foodstore is harder than you'd think. Amelia and I even ran to the gym so didn;t have to spend money on a locker!
Total - £0

Wednesday: £1.85 on a green tea in Cafe Nero. I have enough stamps on my Nero card to get a free drink but I didn't want to waste it on a tea! I will wait for a cheat day to get a massive chocolate frappe or something.. mmm. 20p on a locker at the gym, I hate that they make us pay 20p everytime we go. Then an after gym snack, 55p Mango and Passion fruit water and an 85p nakd bar from Sainsburys. £1 spent on sweets for other people  'cor aren't I nice ;)
Total - £4.45

Thursday: £1.20 on a coffee in the cafeteria at uni. 20p on the locker at the gym (the fact we don't get the 20p back really annoys me seeing as we already pay a lot for the membership!). £2.55 on 3 Nakd bars in the union shop - 20p cheaper to buy them there than in Sainsbury's and they have tonnes more flavours!
Total - £3.95

Friday: £2.95 in tesco on salad and then 1.48 on healthy snacks in Worldwide after my run. We also went out which was £13 (£10 on drinks and £3 on grimey chicken when I was drunk... don't take money out when you're drunk).
Total - £17.43

Saturday: £12.41 in Sainsbury's on food for the rest of the week  all my money seems to go on food!
Total - £12.41

Sunday: 20p for a locker at the gym and £1 on reduced mini eggs because I will need treats during revision this week and I'm a sucker for mini eggs! 
Total - £1.20

Weekly Total : £51.39 

As a student I'd idealy want to spend no more than £45 a week so this is a little over budget but I went in to town and didn't spend anything which made me happy. It's Amelia's birthday next week so its going ot be expensive but then I am knuckling down with revision and so won't be able to spend a lot after that, hopefully my total spend for the next few weeks will be less! 


  1. Such a good idea for a post! Maybe I should start taking note on what I spend every week to try and budget myself. x

  2. Oh gosh I really need to save and budget a lot more!