Sunday, 14 April 2013

10 things #4

10 things that have made me happy this holiday (EASTER EDITION);

disney films in bed - pink bath bombs - a little bit drunk at Harry's - playing with duplo
running in the snow - running in the sun - baking marble muffins - first time in a&e
1. Being home and being back at work.
2. Seeing Charlie a lot and catching up with tea and bed.
3. My bed.
4. Baths, I didn't use to have them before uni but now when I come home it's the first thing I do.
5. Harry's 21st, house parties and girly dinners.
6. Looking after my favourite 2 year old who I treated to McDonalds (most stressful lunch of my life).
7. Having my brother back from Uni to keep me company.
8. Food shopping, a full fridge is something I have missed. Also baking a lot of cake.
9. Driving my little car around the countryside.
10. Going for a runs in all types of weather; snow last week, 21 degrees today!

Something I've been not so happy about - cutting my finger and being stuck on the M25 for 6 hours. 

It's also been a year since I was travelling which makes me upset, this time last year Charlie and I were celebrating Songkran (Thai New Year) in Hua HIn with the boys. Miss that more than anything.

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